Visit Greece


Day 1:

Arrival at the airport (Thessaloniki) and travel to Metsovo, Hotel Kassaros (02:30h or 02:00h).

DAY 2: Trekking on the Ursa Trail (famous & certified trail) above Metsovo village, for the morning and sightseeing tour of Metsovo village for the rest of the day.

The first day of our hike trip can take place over the Metsovo village and we can follow the Ursa Trail (the famous and certified trail). The total distance of the trial can be between 13 km and 16 km (we can choose what we want) with 600m total ascent and 400m total descent. The trail starts from the entrance of the Metsovo village and goes to Karakoli peak which is also one of the oldest ski resorts in Greece. During our hiking, we will have the opportunity to stop in some natural balconies that we enjoy the breathtaking view of the valley and surrounding peaks. Our trip can end in one of the local mountain cafés and the bus will transfer us back to Metsovo village or we can walk back to Metsovo and we can enjoy the traditional streets of the village. After the hiking trip we make the sightseeing tour of the Metsovo village. During the tour, will be able to see all the known sights of the area such as museums, churches etc, to learn the rich history of the village and to communicate with the locals. Also, will be free time for food and coffee in the center of the village so to rest and to regain our strength for the next days.

DAY 3: Hiking trip to mountain Mavrovouni and Flega dragonlakes which are located over the artificial lake of Aoos river and considered part of the Pindus National Park.

By bus we drive past the high plateau Profitis Ilias to the lake of Aoos springs at 1400m (about 15 km from Metsovo) and on to the refuge of Mavrovouni at 1850m. There, our hike begins with a fantastic view of the lake and the surrounding mountains. We continue through beautiful mountain scenery with huge pines and alpine landscapes towards the National Park "Valia Calda" to the Flega Dragon Lakes. Mythology says that the lakes were created by the tears of a dragon. There we change direction and climb to the eponymous peak Flega at 2150m. Afterwards, a beautiful panoramic trail leads us back to the refuge, that we can rest a little bit with a picnic before the bus brings us back to Metsovo.

DAY 4: Movement to Zagori, sightseeing daily toyr of the central and west side of the region and accommodation in Aristi or Papigo villages which are two of the most famous villages of the area.

After a drive of about 1: 15h by bus, we arrive at the starting point of our next destination that called zagorochoria. There, will start with a sightseeing daily tour of the area that will take us to the most unique place of the central and west zagori. Zagorochoria region aparts from 46 traditional and iconic villages and separated in 3 sides (west, central, east) zagori. During our sightseeing daily tour, will visit some of the biggest and most famous villages such as Monodendri, Kipi, Papigo, Aristi, will admire from two different view points the Vikos Gorge (the deepest and narrowest canyon in the world - Guinness Book of Records). The highlight of this tour, there are also the old stone arched bridges which have stood up for over 200 years. Voidomatis river (one of the clearest and cleanest rivers in Europe) and the naturals pools of rogovo which are between of the Megalo (big) and the Mikro (small) Papigo village, will be our next stations. After this full and amazing day we will have time to rest at the hotel so to be ready for the next days.

DAY 5: Hike through the Vikos Gorge, the deepest and narrowest gorge in the world (Guinness Book of Records).

From the village (Aristi or Papigo) that we passed the previous night, will go to the Vikos village by bus, and from there will start our hike trip into the Vikos gorge and the vikos river (there is water except the summer months). This is one of the most beautiful national parks in Greece. It is the habitat of many animals such as lynxes, foxes, bears, wolves, wild boars and various birds of prey. In the middle of the gorge, we picnic at a rest area with a flowing spring. Rested and strengthened, we then follow the river for a while before a 40-minute ascent takes us to the village Monodendri. Here, we will have some time to rest a little bit under the big platanos tree at the square of the village and then the bus will bring us back to the same hotel.

DΑΥ 6: Movement to Tzoumerka area at the south and east side of the Epirus region. Rafting at the Arachthos river that is one of the best river for rafting in Greece and accommodation at the Sirako village which is one of the most traditional and historical villages of hole area.

After a drive about 1:30h through Ioannina city, will arrive at the village Kostitsi and the old stone arch bridge “Politsa” which is the starting point of the rafting trip at the Arachthos river. The rafting route is about 02:00 – 02:30 hours and 9,5 km while the difiiculty of the river is class 3. Along the rafting trip we will have the opportunity to admire the klifki’s waterfall that will make a stop for a swim, the Arachthos Gorge that there are many natural water springs and the largest single – arch bridge in Balkan that called Plaka’s Bridge. After this amazing experience, will continue our trip to the north side of Tzoumerka area and a specially we are going to Anemotripa’s cave which is at the village Pramada, the biggest village of the area. This cave, is one of the greek caves that river runs inside it and is the Arachthos river. In addition, we will have some free time in the village for coffee or food before to start for our last stop of the day which will be at the Kipina’s monastery, one of the most beautifull and known monastery in Greece. This monastery, was built on 1212 and the whole monastery is inside the wall. Our last destination that will have and our accommodation, will be at the village Sirako, the most beatifull and traditional village of Tzoumerka area.

DAY 7: Trekking at the old mountain trail that connects Sirako and Kalarites villages and pass from kouiasa’s springs. The total length of the trail is about 13 km, the elevation gain is 1.136m and the elevation loss is 1.124m.

Will start our trek from Sirako village, the village that will stay the previous night and from there will take the path that goes to Kouiasa’s springs. There, will make our first stop under the platanos trees and we will have the opportunity for a quick coffee at the new coffee place of the springs or if we want will be able to swim in the natural pool’s that the waterfall’s make. Then, will continue to the next village Kalarites that we can have another stop before to return back at the Sirako village. The whole trail surrounding from big trees, high peaks and water runs out from almost every rock. The rest of the day will spend it at the village Sirako that we can see all the historical buildings such a museums or the main church of the village and also will learn all, about the rich history of the village.

DAY 8: Tzoumerka – Monasteries Meteora – Thessaloniki

On the last day, will start our trip from Tzoumerka area and our last destination will be at Thessaloniki and the airport of the city. During our trip will make a stop at Kalabaka and Meteora that are located in the central Greece. Μeteora, is the largest archaelogical site of Greece in terms of the area that it covers and an official holy place in Greece since 1995. It will be an amazing experience and your ‘’last taste’’ of your trip in Greece.

Price per person: 650€

The price includes:

• Transfers as a schedule with Bus of our office. • Hotels according to the schedule. • Guided tours according to the schedule. • Certified and experienced Leaders of our office. • Activities (Hiking, Rafting) • Civil Liability Insurance • V.A.T.