Trip Schedule


Duration 1 day. Departure 08/08/2021 Price 40 €/per person.

On Sunday 08 August we travel from Ioannina to the beautiful city of Kastoria. The main purpose of our excursion will be to get to know the alternative side of the city by doing 2 of the most beautiful activities that it offers us. The activities we will be able to enjoy will be, sea kayak on the lake, water bike on the lake and cycling around the lake. Of course there will be no shortage of necessary dives and games in the waters of the lake. We will also be able to visit the dragon cave which opened its doors to the public in 2009 and is one of the most modern and impressive caves in the Balkans. After completing our activities and before returning to Ioannina, we will have free time in the city of Kastoria.

The price includes:

- Transportation 

- Activities

- Visit to the cave

- Escorts for Activities

- Travel insurance


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