Trip Schedule

FULL MOON TREKKING Mt. Mitsikeli 1810m.

Duration 1 day. Departure 24/07/2021 Price 20 €/per person.

On Saturday, July 24th we will walk in the light of the full moon, on the mountain Mitsikelli and at an altitude of 1810 meters, with a great view to the city of Ioannina.
Our hike will be easy - moderate difficulty, on a technically good path, lasting about 3 - 4 hours / direction and our return from the mountain will take place after dark. That s why, among other things, we re going to need to have a head light with us.

Our departure will be at 17:30 from the city of Ioannina to the beginning of the path located in the village of Ligiades.

Necessary Equipment:
hiking shoe, water - food, individual backpack, suitable clothing for the season, second change of clothes (optional), lens head


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