Trip Schedule



Daily trip in Zagori
Duration 1 day. Departure 24/10/2021 Price 20 €/per person.

Gathering in the morning and departure from the periphery of our city. First stop at the "woman of Pindos" which is on our way to central Zagori and symbolizes the contribution of women in all the struggles of our nation.Then, we will visit some of the most remarkable and popular stone bridges in the area (Kokkori, Kalogeriko, Lazaridis) which remain unchanged over time and are an integral part of the cultural heritage of the whole area. The famous Skala tou Vradetou with its 1,100 cobbled stairs that connected Kapesovo with Vradeto and the house of Kostas Lazaridis in Koukouli, which operates as a museum with more than 1250 species of plants in the area, are our next stops.Then, we will head to Monodendri and specifically to the place "Oxia", from where we will admire the wonderful view to the Gorge of Vikos but we will also see the famous "Stone Forest" of the area. Also, the Monastery of Agia Paraskevi, where we will visit next, is located just 15 minutes (on foot) from the main square of Monodendri, with an easy and beautiful route.The monastery has been built for 600 years literally on the rock with an excellent view of the gorge of Vikos and it is "necessary" to visit it. Finally, and before we take the road back to Ioannina, "full" of beautiful images, we will have some free time in the village.




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